We believe that all spheres of life




need equal support

Our Mission

Provide financial support to individuals and non-profits engaged in work that has significant impact on healing and development of a more cohesive and integrated society.

The problem
Our society is divided

One sided focus on economic growth and lack of dialogue has created a divided society with low levels of social cohesion, inclusion and collaboration.

Innovation in different spheres of life (Economics, Politics, Education and Culture) is not equally supported.

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Our Approach

Our pilot project goal is to empower school boards in Estonia


To bring about a new political culture – strengthen democratic culture, collaboration and cohesion in society.


Helping school leaders to create the preconditions for inclusive and collegial leadership in the school community


Create a democratic governance model enabling local community, parents and students to participate in school management and education in general. Trigger change in management culture at grassroots level

Who we are

Our operating model: pro bono work, administrative costs only related to web-site maintenance, accounting and auditing

Ott Karolin

Tiit Urva

Hillar Lõhmussaar

Kristjan Luha

Aivar Berzin